A Note from The Director

Mrs. Mona Ahuja

The Maria Montessori Center welcomes you! At our authentic Montessori school, we serve the communities of Farmington Hills, Novi, Northville, West Bloomfield, South Lyon and those in their vicinity. As a Montessori school, we encourage intelligence, curiosity, and imagination while supporting and developing each student’s unique talents.

The Maria Montessori Center stands on the pillars of strong academics and discipline. We have proudly served this community for the last 4 decades.

As a graduate in child psychology and Montessori theory, I have learnt that if we do not focus on a child’s foundation, we cannot guarantee a beautiful and bright future.
Montessori is a scientifically-based education approach that emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development

Beginning at an early age, Montessori nurtures order, concentration, and independence. Intentional classroom design, materials, and daily routines support the student’s emerging “self-regulation” (the ability to educate one’s self, and to think about what one is learning), in toddlers through adolescents.

I look forward to seeing you in person soon.

Mona Ahuja