Our Story

The Maria Montessori Center was founded by Mr and Mrs Kerbawy in 1981. This was established in order to create a school where they could raise their own children and provide an authentically international and unparalleled Montessori education for any child.

Mona Ahuja, the current head of the school, continued their legacy and brought more love to Montessori in November 2017. With the strong foundation of the Montessori methodology and an abundance of experience with children through starting a Hindi language school, Mrs Ahuja decided to expand her horizons and moved states in order to fulfil her dream of guiding children through the Montessori method. As a Montessori school, we nurture intelligence, curiosity, and imagination while supporting and developing each student’s unique talents.

The Maria Montessori Center stands on the pillars of strong academics and discipline. In accordance with the Montessori method, a child explores and discovers by themself, yet in a controlled, guided environment. Thus, the Maria Montessori Center believes in helping children grow, along with a sufficient amount of guidance. Additionally, a Montessori child has a desire to be independent. Thus, through engagement with hands-on (concrete) materials, they experience exploration and discovery. They internalize through their actions, listening to a story or another person, reading a book and looking at pictures.