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Application Process Overview

Here at “The Maria Montessori Center”, we follow a rolling admissions process. We review the applications as they are completed and received. Our admissions process is designed to not only bring in the child but to identify and establish the connection between the family and The MMC. Our admission is based on several deciding factors which we consider carefully to determine if the student, family, and school will be a good fit with each other.

The primary question to us is, “Will we meet the needs of the parents and nurture the curiosity of the child?”. The information we provide on our tour helps educate those who are new to the Montessori environment.

All prospective parents and families are required to schedule a guided tour of our campus. During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to explore our classrooms, meet our educators, and experience the Montessori environment and its effects in action.

After the campus tour, you’ll have the chance to engage in an information session and Q&A with our admissions team. This is a valuable opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our curriculum, philosophy, extracurricular activities, facilities, and more. You will be able to witness children working with Montessori materials and thriving in the environment.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.” 
-Maria Montessori

The Application Process


Discover ‘The Maria Montessori Campus’

Congratulations, on potentially finding a Montessori school that fits your child and family. Your next step is to discover our website a little more if you haven’t already and fill out the Inquire Now form here or at the home page of our website


Schedule a School Tour

Once step 1 is completed, our admissions office will contact you to schedule a tour. Or you can also schedule a School TourSchool Tour. Please bring your child when you come for a tour to streamline your process.



After the tour has been completed, please contact the admissions office to schedule a date for your child to come in and shadow. The full day shadow is only required for 5 – 14 years of age. This gives the child a glimpse of their classroom, as well as the teacher to assess their proficiency in each subject. This could involve simple activities that help us understand your child’s readiness and developmental stage. At the end of the day you will have a one to one meeting with the teacher and head of school. This is a chance for us to get to know you better, understand your expectations, and ensure that our educational approach aligns with your family’s values.



On completion of the student’s visit to his/her prospective class and not that the child is comfortable being a part of MMC. The Maria Montessori Center will invite you to complete the Application form.



Once the application review and assessments are all complete, a decision will be made by the staff and administrators regarding your acceptance at The Maria Montessori Center. Our admissions team will notify you of the acceptance decision. If your child is offered a spot at The Maria Montessori Center, you’ll receive an acceptance letter via email.

On acceptance, the parent will be invited to complete the Enrollment form and pay the deposit in the amount of $200, of which $150 is credited towards your first tuition payment.


Welcome Aboard

Additionally, we as administrators encourage you to learn as much as possible and improve knowledge about our different programs and the hands-on approach of the Montessori Method. Please feel free to call or email us, and most importantly, visit us in order to experience an authentic Montessori education first-hand.

Welcome to the Family !!!! Enjoy your child’s Journey !!!

Things To Know First

A,B, C of Montessori Education

  • AMontessori education is a scientifically grounded approach that highlights independence, bounded freedom, and reverence for a child's innate psychological, physical, and social growth. This method was formulated by the Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori.
  • BThe Montessori philosophy places significant emphasis on a three-year cycle, underlining the belief that a child's complete potential is attained after spending three years within the same environment, guided by the same teacher.
  • CThis learning approach is tactile and experiential. Dr. Maria Montessori asserted, and modern science has confirmed, that movement and learning are intertwined. Within our prepared classroom, children interact with specially crafted manipulative materials that encourage exploration and actively involve the senses in the learning process.

When To Apply?

The Maria Montessori Center (MMC) employs a rolling admissions approach, which means we welcome applications for admission at any time during the year. Following a comprehensive introduction to our programs, curriculum, and philosophy, we will guide you on a tour of our school. We strongly encourage classroom observation and extend an invitation for your child to join you during your visit.

Where to submit necessary documents?

After concluding the tour and when you’re prepared to move forward with the admission process, it’s now the appropriate moment to submit the required documents through our all-in-one app, Brightwheel, on our online portal. Link will be shared via email