Montessori vs Traditional

All About Montessori

We understand that a method of schooling that does not carry the traditional style of learning can be hard to fully understand. That is why we want to provide as many materials as possible to help educate you on this method of schooling and articulate why it is truly the best choice for your child’s future. Please take a look at the informational material below. We want to encourage you to contact us, and to be as open and honest with your questions as you would like. It is our goal to spread the word on an education method well-proven since the late 1800s!

How does Montessori Works

Dr. Montessori believed that children learn better when they’re choosing what to learn and that philosophy is present in Montessori classrooms today. A Montessori classroom likely looks different from what you’re used to.

Things that make it unique include:

  • Various activity stations for children to choose from throughout the day.
  • Teachers move from group to group instead of standing at the front of the classroom.
  • A nontraditional grading system.
  • A focus on the whole student—social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development are all considered.