Learning Mathematics in the Montessori methodology helps the children develop their mathematical skills and spatial awareness, through shapes and the use of their senses, especially touch. Montessori math materials help students get a firsthand experience using the five Montessori senses, namely respect for the child, the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, the prepared environment, and auto-education. The Montessori method of approaching math has a wonderful process of working with materials, from concrete forms to the more abstract.
Using Montessori materials in the form of blocks, shapes, colors and sizes, help students gain a sense of touch and this helps them expand their own universe. Examples of these materials are presented below.
The material of “Golden Beads” introduces them to the concept of addition, subtraction, decimals, and squaring numbers, by allowing students to manipulate the beads in units of ten.
The material of “Number Rods” consists of wooden rods, usually colored red and blue, which help the students develop the concept of numbered sequences. Numbered cards help the children further develop the knowledge of numbers through letting children mix and match the cards, in turn helping them build their counting skills and better understand mathematical concepts.
“Pink Tower” helps the students in understanding the concept of sizes and dimensions as the children stack the pink blocks into a tower, while “Brown Stairs” help young Montessori students learn a similar lesson in analyzing sizes and building progressions.