Financial Aid

  The Maria Montessori Center follows and believes that  “Our Children succeed as we implement equity in their education”.  MMC believes in delivering quality education, which builds equity in the academic career of the child. The faculty, staff, and administration are passionate about our mission and providing a safe and nurturing community that also challenges students to grow academically and personally.

Our primary attention is on the child, who has the passion to succeed in his academics and offer his parents, some help financially, which would in-turn benefit the school, child, and the parent.

For several years, we have seen parents who love to send their children to The Maria Montessori Center, but due to limited finances or financial constraints, they are unable to bear the complete cost of tuition fees, but according to typical financial aid requirements, they do not qualify. 

Any type of school, profit or nonprofit, are reliant upon themselves. 

We at the MMC are completely dependent on our tuition funds, but in order to continue our tradition of excellence and provide to our community, we have now found a way to provide a personalized financial aid plan to those who want to join the one and only MMC family.

From the parent’s perspective, they want to determine if MMC is the right fit for their child, by looking at their children’s capabilities, interests, and academic goals to be achieved and matching them to the MMC’s rich educational standards. It is always a daunting task to identify students, who will flourish in our traditional AMI environment. We are always there to help parents and students, in any way. We want them to understand how we deliver Montessori principles and concepts and how we will lay down a strong Montessori foundation for their children’s future. 

We are looking forward to fostering long term relationships with our parents, students, and community, as we have been doing, since 1981. 

Once the family feels that MMC is the right match based on the child’s ability, personality, interests, principles, and beliefs, the student is enrolled in the school. We have the families pay the full tuition to the best of their ability. In order to fill the gap, we move towards the direction of financial aid, to match up the difference.  There may be times when it may not be possible for us to make up the gap, due to several limitations and constraints and many other factors. However, MMC will do its best to help. This is our way to help the community and reward student achievement and positive student behavior. 

Financial aid is available to both new and existing families. Once your child is enrolled you will contact the Head of School and we will guide you through the steps of applying via our third-party FACTS. We are pleased to say that families who want to learn with us and who show financial need will receive a financial aid grant. Our hope is that this grant makes attending THE MMC a reality.