Welcoming Fall with Joy

Heritage Park. 13.10.2023


At Maria Montessori School, we understand the significance of bringing families together for moments of joy, learning, and shared experiences. Our Annual Hayride event is one such occasion that embodies these values, and this year, we’re welcoming the arrival of Fall with open hearts on October 13th.
The Annual Hayride holds a special place in our hearts, eagerly anticipated by both children and parents. On the 13th of October, our school community came together for a day filled with adventure, laughter, and connection at the picturesque Heritage Park.
The day commenced with an air of excitement as families arrived, their smiles and anticipation setting the tone for the day. The children’s faces lit up as they realized that they were in for a day of outdoor exploration. They revelled in the experience of strolling along the scenic trails, immersed in the natural beauty that surrounded them, and delved into an educational adventure at the Nature Center.

One of the most memorable highlights of the day was the bonfire in the park. Children and adults gathered around the fire, roasting marshmallows, exchanging stories, and savouring the warmth of the flames. The crackling of the bonfire provided the perfect backdrop to a symphony of laughter and shared moments.

Following the marshmallow toasting, it was time for a scrumptiously prepared lunch. Embracing the wisdom of the saying “A family that dines together, stays together,” we all sat down together, relishing a hearty meal. Conversations flowed effortlessly, just as the food did.

The day’s main attraction was the tractor-drawn ride around Heritage Park. Even though the hay was absent from the truck this year, the children didn’t seem to mind at all. Their faces radiated pure joy as they journeyed through the open landscape, surrounded by the park’s natural beauty. Parents and teachers cherished every moment, capturing these cherished memories through photographs and savouring the sheer delight on the children’s faces.

The Annual Hayride event extends beyond merely being a day of outdoor activities; it’s an occasion that reaffirms the values close to our hearts at MMCFH School. It’s a day when our school family unites to celebrate the splendour of nature, the delight of togetherness, and the significance of shared experiences.

As we reflect on this extraordinary day, we are reminded of the profound impact of outdoor adventures, the lessons nature imparts, and the enduring memories we create as a school family. The Annual Hayride event embodies the spirit of our school community – a spirit that treasures togetherness, exploration, and the simple joys of life.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who joined us in making this year’s event on October 13 a resounding success, as we joyfully welcome the arrival of Fall.